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About Pool Heat Exchangers.


Welcome to the SEC Pool Heat Exchangers website. We are a Canadian owned and operated firm that is based in Prince Edward Island. We are proud of our products. Our quality heat exchangers are backed by courteous professional service, which I personally guarantee.

Peter J. Metaxas, President.

Our commitment to carbon reduction.

SEC is protecting the environment. The very nature of our business involves saving and recovering energy.   Rather than just paying to 'feel good' about ‘Carbon Offset’ we have partnered with a local wood lot owner whereby 5 hectares of local forest will be left to grow naturally for the next 20 years.

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2546 Iona Road
Station Building #2, Belfast
Prince Edward Island, Canada
C0A 1A0.

Phone: 902-659-2424
Toll free: 800-335-6650
Fax: 902-659-2800